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We are in the business of financing businesses and real estate projects on the Northside. Whether you are a small business getting started or a new real estate project ready to begin construction, we have the right resources and knowledge. 


Our Story

The Northside Fund was founded in 2000 to create economic opportunity in 14 neighborhoods on Pittsburgh’s Northside. The collapse of heavy industry and the blue-collar economy that supported living wage jobs devastated the Northside. This collapse was followed by rapid population loss and a rising number of vacant and abandoned properties. Co-founder and Executive Director, Mark Masterson, believed that access to capital for real estate development and small business capital could turn the tide and make the Northside a thriving part of the region once again.


Small Business

We help small businesses access new opportunities on the Northside. We offer flexible loans to grow small businesses and help them provide employment opportunities on the Northside. The Fund can help can provide you with capital to launch or expand your business.


Commercial Real Estate

We finance real estate projects that create opportunities in Northside neighborhoods. We offer flexible loans for real estate projects that create economic activity and attract investment. Where many lenders see obstacles, we see an opportunity to create an impact.


Affordable Housing

We provide loans to neighborhood organizations and their partners to turn vacant and dilapidated houses into affordable owner-occupied homes throughout the Northside. We also work with non-profit and for-profit developers to create affordable rental housing, and the reuse of vacant buildings in neighborhood commercial districts.


Community Service Providers

We provide loans to nonprofit organizations to fill funding gaps and to provide working capital. We consider social impact and we work with our customers to provide flexible financing.





“I have a really wonderful relationship with the NSCDF. They’ve been there for us when we needed them, they’ve been our cheerleaders.” –Abu Noaman, owner of Elliance Inc.

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